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Over the last two years we have been lucky enough to work with Cheltenham BID and Marketing Cheltenham as their retained events consultants. Not only has this given us a fantastic opportunity to work in the heart of Cheltenham, our hometown, but a chance to learn more about the whole placemaking industry, the drivers to increase footfall into our local towns, as well as giving us real insight into how to serve a community, whilst driving tourism and visitors to a town.

The events we have supported have been varied, from the inaugural Cheltenham Christmas Ice Rink, and the Queens’ Baton Relay, to smaller street theatre events, and the visit of a large observation wheel.

One thing we have been keen to focus on with these events are the objectives and how well the event has met the original objective, and we have really taken forward learnings each time. The reason for this ‘uber’ objective based focus is that the indicators of success for this type of event are sometimes not always obvious.

Wimbledon at the Brewery Quarter

Tennis lovers relaxing on deckchairs and watching Wimbledon on the big screen in the Brewery Quarter, Cheltenham.

In July 2022, we supported the installation of a big screen and viewing area for the Wimbledon tennis championships. This’ event’ took place in a busy leisure complex, with the tennis showing from midday to 9pm each day.

Considerations were made to ensure there were no noise issues for residents, and access to all the businesses was maintained.

We considered this event a drop in type of event, whilst it was unlikely anyone would sit and watch an entire match, they would drop buy and watch key moments or take a moment as they passed the screen. Some businesses were able to sell ‘takeaway’ and on the weekends various onsite businesses and also off site organisations hosted pop ups.

On average there were around 100 visitors each day and local restaurants saw increased footfall.

Food and Drink week 2022

In September 2022, the restaurants, bars, and cafes of Cheltenham were celebrated by hosting live music around the town and in venue music and entertainment, as well as bespoke ticketed masterclasses in participating venues.

This was in order to attract a higher footfall into town and encourage local people into the many restaurants and bars that Cheltenham has to offer. The main stage for live music was located in the Brewery Quarter, and resulted in all of the venues experiencing busy evenings with extra entertainment for outdoor diners.

Hospitality businesses across the town reported increased spend and footfall, as well as enjoying the entertainment in their premises.

Cheltenham Observation Wheel

In February 2023, we supported the Observation Wheel returning to Cheltenham. On previous visits the observation wheel had been part of the Light Up Cheltenham campaign but for 2023, this was a stand alone event.

The wheel operated by de Koning Leisure was erected into Imperial Gardens. We have worked on this site multiple times so know resident and stakeholder relationships are key. Luckily we have built up good relationships and were able to keep residents informed and provide a 24 hour resident line for any issues.

February is generally a quiet time around the town, and whilst half term provides a ready made audience we were keen for the entire 3 weeks that the wheel was in place to be worth while. 

The BID have several members around the area so the hospitality businesses were all able to offer various incentives to drive footfall to both the wheel and their establishments.

Additionally we arranged entertainment across 3 weekends, with visits from PAW Patrol and Paddington Bear, as well as the Dapper Chaps sculpting heart balloons for the crowds on valentines weekend.

Over the entire valentines period we installed a ‘heart arch’ light installation, which proved a massive hit with people. This created a huge amount of user generated social media content, and whilst derigging we received so many comments that people didn’t want us to take them away.

The whole event was a huge success with footfall in the area increased by 10% across the period.

*Wheel photos by Mikal Ludlow


🎆 Ashley Manor Family Fireworks Night 🎆

We had a great time at @ashleymanorprep for their well-loved Fireworks Night that attracts thousands of Cheltenham locals to watch a stunning display!

It was a pleasure to organise their ticketing, book some of the food vendors, and manage the gates on the night. We hope to help @ashleymanorprep_pta even further for the event next year to continue to grow a very successful night 👏

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🎓 University Of Gloucestershire`s Creative Industry Day 🎓

It was wonderful to all be invited by @uogmusic to be part of various panels for their Creative Industry Day and give current students a chance to network and strive towards their future career goals.

Alice and Emily both got to speak about their experience as students and now graduates working in the events industry! Meanwhile Natasha was part of the headline panel that covered many areas of music and events.

Lovely to meet so many new faces and please do reach out to us if you`d like to gain some valuable experience 🌟

Read Alice`s experience of the day and how it felt to return to uni as a guest less than 6 months after graduating! Head to our website and click on the `News` tab.

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👷‍♀️ Telehandler Training 👷‍♀️

We kicked off an action-packed month in October with learning how to operate a telehandler at @greenwaytraining!

This will come in really useful when the summer months come round and we are working on a greenfield site! We can`t wait to put it to use🌳

#sitemanagament #eventproduction #ukfestival #telehandlertrained #wemakeevents #eventprofs

#staffrecognitionpost #congratulations ...

We are so proud that our event manager, @emilycpugh is shortlisted for the @productionfutures employee of the year award.

We are missing her in the office this week and hope she`s having an amazing time.

Whatever the result she is our #winner 🏆

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#staffrecognitionpost #congratulations ...

Here at NR Events, we keep our prices fair and transparent by tracking the time we spend working on each of our projects. We do this with the brilliant app @timeular which we can input our budget into and compare time spent vs. how much budget is left. 💰

This means we can pretty accurately estimate how many days we will spend when pitching for a new event, leaving the client with no unexpected charges post-event! 🏆

(Even while writing this, Emily is using Timeular to track her time spent on the NR social media 🤭)

#timeular #timetracking #budgetmanagement #projectestimate #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

How do you manage your projects?

We use an app called @wriketeam which suits all of our project organisation, scheduling, and task management needs. It`s simple to add client users to collaborate on projects and keep right up-to-date with progress ✅

We also build `master schedules` in Google Drive that has all the vital event information in one document - running order, staff & supplier contacts, printing list, budgets, packing lists, and more! 😅

#wrike #projectmanagement #scheduling #ganttchart #taskmanagement #googledrive #budgeting #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

NR Events are always looking for the latest and simplest platforms to make our work easier and more efficient! This week we want to shout about our favourite platforms that make our lives just a little bit easier...

@tickettailor is our well-loved ticketing and registration provider that has delivered some of our smoothest events. Not only is the website and check-in app really easy to navigate, it`s also a lot cheaper than most of the top dogs out there 💪

What ticketing platform do you use and why?

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We enjoyed working with Gloucestershire Constabulary so much last year on the Annual NBPA Conference, that we have returned to help deliver their annual Open Day plus other events for 2023! 👮

Join us on Saturday 23rd September from 10:00 - 15:00 for a free family day of fun to learn about how they police our county of Gloucestershire 🎉

#gloucestershireconstabulary #ukpolice #policeevents #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

The Gift Card & Voucher Association is an organisation that NR Events has worked with loyally for many years and we are so pleased to be working on their Hall of Fame Awards in London again this year! 🪩

It`s a memorable night for all and we are looking forward to making an incredible guest experience, this time at @8northumberland 🏩

#gcva #halloffame #gcvahofawards2023 #awards #london #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

Over the next few months (and then beyond), we will be delivering Q Community`s variety of events across the UK - in London, Birmingham, and Glasgow. 🩺

Q has a whole host of extraordinary members who will be able to network, share ideas, and celebrate their achievements within the healthcare industry. 🧑‍⚕️

Our first event with them is tomorrow and we are so eager to get started!

#qcommunity #thehealthfoundation #ukhealthcare #networking #corporateevents #london #birmingham #glasgow #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

We have spent various days and weeks in fields building festival sites wishing that we could get stuck in and shift materials around when needed! 👷‍♀️

From October, NR Events will be able to offer telehandler drivers and help with quicker and more convenient site builds 🚜

#telehandler #sitebuild #festival #greenfield #eventmanagement #eventproduction #sitemanagement #wemakeevents #eventprofs

Carbon Impact Reporting is a service that we offer as standard for each new project. We know that making events as sustainable as possible is really important and we support our clients and suppliers that think the same 🌏

We are constantly learning new things with TRACE`s newsletters and looking to improve this even more by taking part in an online sustainability course very soon 🪴

Get in touch to find out more about our sustainability services -

#sustainability #sustainableevents #trace #carbonreporting #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

NR Events understand that attending events as a disabled person can sometimes be very stressful 😓

But it doesn`t have to be this way! We are on a mission to make our events accessible for any type of disability. Especially working with @vision_fdn, it has opened our eyes to an events world for the blind and partially-sighted that needs to become much more inclusive.

Having already taken part in an Attitude Is Everything online course on Inclusivity, this is something we feel really passionate about 👏

#disabilityawareness #disabilitytraining #inclusivity #inclusiveevents #attitudeiseverything #accessibility #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs


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