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So far in 2023, we have had our fair share of corporate events and conferences as we tend to in the colder months of the year. Corporate events add a lot of diversity to our yearly portfolio and the management can differ vastly to live, awards, and music events.

Let’s take a look at the corporate work we have taken on so far for 2023…


The SPVS Annual Congress is a meeting point for all veterinary professionals and practice owners to discuss the latest industry best practices and technological advancements that are vital to their roles of caring for people’s pets and animals. This year, it took place at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole as a more central location than previous years in Wales. The main room was host to exhibition stands for many key stakeholders in the veterinary industry and alongside this were multiple breakout rooms for panel and host-led discussions around various important topics.

NR Events assisted with the running of the two-day congress, which included registration, delegate management, room monitoring, and more.


Cadent Gas hosted their first larger-scale conference last month at The Slate, Warwick University. This was to inform their suppliers of their sustainability targets and encourage them to be on board with their ideas and work together to push for a more sustainable energy industry. We were involved much more with the pre-production for this conference and worked closely with the internal team at Cadent Gas to help realise what they wanted to achieve from the event and how they envisioned it looking.


The Annual Gift Card and Voucher Association Conference was next up for us at the beginning of the month. GCVA have been a longstanding client with whom we support with multiple events throughout the year. Again, this event has grown year on year and gives a perfect networking spot for some of the UK’s largest corporations to discuss how to best utilise and improve their customer reward, gift card, and voucher system.

From technical liaision to delegate management and sourcing decor to venue liaison, there is a lot to consider in order to produce a successful conference. Integrating with the internal client team ensures that we fully understand their needs and build a trusting relationship that can help for us to give the best suggestions from our experience.

Here’s what our new Events Assistant Sophie learnt on her first conference…

1. Preparation / Briefing and Management; 

Experiencing my first conference with NR Events helped me see how much preparation goes into planning an event. Managing a large number of people at once is important and knowing the schedule helps you to get other things ready in the other spaces whilst the guests are busy in one space. 

2. Organisation and check lists are very important:

Having a checklist of things you have to do on BUILD DAY is very handy and helps you share out the work efficiently with your team. Having a general schedule of the day also helps you keep track of the time and peoples shift patterns etc as well as who is needed where to help with wayfinding etc. 


Having a team that can think on their feet and be versatile helps the ever changing support roles to assist the day goes smoothly as possible. 

4. Clear communication: 

Clear and precise communication is needed once everything is live and running at an event. No time for a full on chin wag! Get the task and take action. 

5. Initiative:

Having a sense of initiative and good judgment, assists you in getting things done efficiently and effectively. This also helps you take advantage of acting to the work not reacting.



🎆 Ashley Manor Family Fireworks Night 🎆

We had a great time at @ashleymanorprep for their well-loved Fireworks Night that attracts thousands of Cheltenham locals to watch a stunning display!

It was a pleasure to organise their ticketing, book some of the food vendors, and manage the gates on the night. We hope to help @ashleymanorprep_pta even further for the event next year to continue to grow a very successful night 👏

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🎓 University Of Gloucestershire`s Creative Industry Day 🎓

It was wonderful to all be invited by @uogmusic to be part of various panels for their Creative Industry Day and give current students a chance to network and strive towards their future career goals.

Alice and Emily both got to speak about their experience as students and now graduates working in the events industry! Meanwhile Natasha was part of the headline panel that covered many areas of music and events.

Lovely to meet so many new faces and please do reach out to us if you`d like to gain some valuable experience 🌟

Read Alice`s experience of the day and how it felt to return to uni as a guest less than 6 months after graduating! Head to our website and click on the `News` tab.

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👷‍♀️ Telehandler Training 👷‍♀️

We kicked off an action-packed month in October with learning how to operate a telehandler at @greenwaytraining!

This will come in really useful when the summer months come round and we are working on a greenfield site! We can`t wait to put it to use🌳

#sitemanagament #eventproduction #ukfestival #telehandlertrained #wemakeevents #eventprofs

#staffrecognitionpost #congratulations ...

We are so proud that our event manager, @emilycpugh is shortlisted for the @productionfutures employee of the year award.

We are missing her in the office this week and hope she`s having an amazing time.

Whatever the result she is our #winner 🏆

#eventprofs #awards #events #wemakeevents #breakthrough #productionfutures

#staffrecognitionpost #congratulations ...

Here at NR Events, we keep our prices fair and transparent by tracking the time we spend working on each of our projects. We do this with the brilliant app @timeular which we can input our budget into and compare time spent vs. how much budget is left. 💰

This means we can pretty accurately estimate how many days we will spend when pitching for a new event, leaving the client with no unexpected charges post-event! 🏆

(Even while writing this, Emily is using Timeular to track her time spent on the NR social media 🤭)

#timeular #timetracking #budgetmanagement #projectestimate #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

How do you manage your projects?

We use an app called @wriketeam which suits all of our project organisation, scheduling, and task management needs. It`s simple to add client users to collaborate on projects and keep right up-to-date with progress ✅

We also build `master schedules` in Google Drive that has all the vital event information in one document - running order, staff & supplier contacts, printing list, budgets, packing lists, and more! 😅

#wrike #projectmanagement #scheduling #ganttchart #taskmanagement #googledrive #budgeting #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

NR Events are always looking for the latest and simplest platforms to make our work easier and more efficient! This week we want to shout about our favourite platforms that make our lives just a little bit easier...

@tickettailor is our well-loved ticketing and registration provider that has delivered some of our smoothest events. Not only is the website and check-in app really easy to navigate, it`s also a lot cheaper than most of the top dogs out there 💪

What ticketing platform do you use and why?

#tickettailor #eventticketing #eventregistration #guestlist #delegate #eventmanagement #guestmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

We enjoyed working with Gloucestershire Constabulary so much last year on the Annual NBPA Conference, that we have returned to help deliver their annual Open Day plus other events for 2023! 👮

Join us on Saturday 23rd September from 10:00 - 15:00 for a free family day of fun to learn about how they police our county of Gloucestershire 🎉

#gloucestershireconstabulary #ukpolice #policeevents #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

The Gift Card & Voucher Association is an organisation that NR Events has worked with loyally for many years and we are so pleased to be working on their Hall of Fame Awards in London again this year! 🪩

It`s a memorable night for all and we are looking forward to making an incredible guest experience, this time at @8northumberland 🏩

#gcva #halloffame #gcvahofawards2023 #awards #london #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

Over the next few months (and then beyond), we will be delivering Q Community`s variety of events across the UK - in London, Birmingham, and Glasgow. 🩺

Q has a whole host of extraordinary members who will be able to network, share ideas, and celebrate their achievements within the healthcare industry. 🧑‍⚕️

Our first event with them is tomorrow and we are so eager to get started!

#qcommunity #thehealthfoundation #ukhealthcare #networking #corporateevents #london #birmingham #glasgow #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

We have spent various days and weeks in fields building festival sites wishing that we could get stuck in and shift materials around when needed! 👷‍♀️

From October, NR Events will be able to offer telehandler drivers and help with quicker and more convenient site builds 🚜

#telehandler #sitebuild #festival #greenfield #eventmanagement #eventproduction #sitemanagement #wemakeevents #eventprofs

Carbon Impact Reporting is a service that we offer as standard for each new project. We know that making events as sustainable as possible is really important and we support our clients and suppliers that think the same 🌏

We are constantly learning new things with TRACE`s newsletters and looking to improve this even more by taking part in an online sustainability course very soon 🪴

Get in touch to find out more about our sustainability services -

#sustainability #sustainableevents #trace #carbonreporting #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs

NR Events understand that attending events as a disabled person can sometimes be very stressful 😓

But it doesn`t have to be this way! We are on a mission to make our events accessible for any type of disability. Especially working with @vision_fdn, it has opened our eyes to an events world for the blind and partially-sighted that needs to become much more inclusive.

Having already taken part in an Attitude Is Everything online course on Inclusivity, this is something we feel really passionate about 👏

#disabilityawareness #disabilitytraining #inclusivity #inclusiveevents #attitudeiseverything #accessibility #eventmanagement #eventproduction #wemakeevents #eventprofs


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